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~Goddessness and the Divine Feminine~


Goddess is not only a word for a supernatural woman who lives in the clouds; it is also a word for a natural woman, the most natural woman, who lives on the earth. This goddess is a woman who has reclaimed her own divinity, who has discovered it inside her own being. She knows it; she lives it. Goddessness is her way. She laughs with goddessness, loud and wild with her head thrown back; she walks with goddessness to the stage, to the fields, to the factory. She feeds her child each spoonful with goddessness; she sweeps the porch with her Goddessness shining. She flaunts her goddessness when she feels like it; when she doesn’t, she holds her goddessness in her breast like a seed which, unbeknownst to the world, has already begun to flower. Not everyone can see it, but the fragrance is unmistakable.