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~Submission Guidelines~

write for us

We publish both new and seasoned writers, accepting nonfiction articles, stories, and essays. Writing means sharing a part of oneself, and we read every piece of writing we get with an open mind and an open heart. We welcome anything consistent with the spirit of the Blue Planet Journal—the spirit of sincere exploration, both of the outer and the inner.

Scientific articles on the subjects of ecology, conservation and related subjects should be thorough, complete and fair-minded in their examination of facts and research, although passion and compassion are always essential ingredients to good writing. All articles on the subject of the environment will be considered, although we tend to favor positive pieces which emphasize solutions over problems.

Travel articles are especially welcome, describing first-hand experiences of any location on this little blue planet (or beyond, if you’ve been there). A mixture of practical information and juicy descriptions make travel writing valuable to readers who might go where you’ve been, and enjoyable to those who probably won’t.

First-hand experience is also the prerequisite for submissions in the categories of love and meditation; these subjective phenomena are no less valid in the quest for understanding our existence than objective phenomena. Write about what you have seen, what you feel, and what you think it means.

As with any magazine or website, the best way to increase your chances of publication is to read over the Journal, get a feel for it and write something especially for us. If you write something beautiful and aren’t sure if it fits into our categories, send it anyway—we could create a new one just for you.

Writing prompt: When does an "ordinary" activity like cooking, gardening, cleaning or fixing things become meditation? What is your window into your own space? Do you have a unique way of diasappearing into it? Do you dance, sew, or whittle your way to the divine? What does it feel like?

Multiple submissions are fine. Submit your work by email only to as a Word attachment. If you like, you may include a short bio and photo of yourself. We can't offer any compensation other than love, gratitude and publicity at this time, although monetary compensation is a very likely possibility in the near future. We ask only for nonexclusive publication rights.