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Sex is not About Kink, Tricks or Treats

By Astarte’ Rising

Chinese erotic painting

Sometimes my heart is filled with love so deeply and erotically that it can be overwhelming. There is just so much to have, to be and see in this world. Don't miss it, love. Don't miss the opportunity to be your most mythic self in the most epic of ways. This life is yours; make love to it. Turn in up, out, ride it till it is satiated with your passion. Until it surrenders all it has to offer. Squeeze it of its sweet nectar, its most passionate kiss. Tongue it down and taste its sweat. Dance with it, spoon it. Mount it and ride it hard. Never let go until you are wet and drenched with fulfillment beyond imagining. You are magical.

Lovers Exchanging Fans by Evelyn Paul

There are so many lusty delights for us to indulge ourselves in the world of sex and fantasy. So first I’d like to say do your will, take your pleasure where you will. No judgments from me because essentially this is your experience. However, for those who are seeking different levels of sexual experience from a spiritual/energetic perspective, there is much to learn and consider. We’ve gone from being ancient beings of great sexual alchemy and magic to enduring deep repressions that have led to digressions within our spiritual development and ability to experience the erotic side of life.

Erotica is essentially defined as excitement, titillation, or arousal, and has always been synonymous with all things sexual. Sex is the root of all creativity, the masculine and feminine principles being the mediums through which this creativity is expressed. Men and women come together, unify in the sexual act, and oneness is achieved. Our mental, emotional, and spiritual states are thermometers for the level and degree to which we are capable of feeling life on an erotic level.

If any one of these is out of balance, then the senses are dulled and/or distorted, and our ability to deeply feel is muted by the disturbance. For instance, if you are lacking in self-love, it matters not how many times you “come” or what kind of tricks or acrobatics you delve into; you will never truly reach the levels of erotica available to you. True bliss will elude you, and if you would but take a moment to self-evaluate, you will find this to be true. You will feel the hollow bottom of your being and find it void of true happiness. Subpar sex does not enable you to transmute the energy being generated, but instead can lead to depletion. You feel good for that moment, and that is all.

empty glasses

It matters not how many tricks or kinky acts you can do if they are not elevating the consciousness and raising your vibration. Kink as such is not the problem; again, take your pleasures where you will. However, there are many whose sexual energy runs amuck, creating depletion in their bodies and lives. Fucking without a cause and ignorant to the true power available to them via sexual union. Sex should be more of the mind as opposed to the body. They indulge the senses physically only and have no knowledge of sex from a psychic, energetic perspective. As a result, they haphazardly create. Union without purpose can bear bad fruit.

The real fruit, mutual edification, prosperity and well-being, should always be the objective of sexual union. To do other than this is to do your divine self a disservice and shows a lack of self-love. How can you serve while lacking in self-love? What have you to give and receive? Functioning from a place of wholeness with the intention to bring healing and transcendence to your bed are the goals. Our bodies are temples, and our energy fuel to be used to power our lives. We must approach the essence of the body from a place of worship and expertise, reverence and humility; this transforms the inner and outer worlds.

There are times when we have a sexual experience with a partner and the energy is so strong that it leads to a preoccupation and obsession around that person. Instead of becoming dependent on the individual we had the experience with; we should turn that inner-chi upon our own health and desires. We should sublimate the energy and direct it out, towards the betterment of ourselves and the planet even, as opposed to attaching to another, giving ourselves over to the chemical reactions and euphoria of the experience and then chasing the high.

Radha and Krishna

When you go into a state of attachment, you begin to give your power away. Know that you played a role in the power that was generated between the two of you, and it exists inside of you whether your lover remains or not. That level of erotica, bliss and pleasure has always been inside of your being to be tapped at will. Beyond the bonding of simple flesh and blood is a storehouse packed with cosmic power. We all possess an inner Shakti and Shiva, an inner masculine and feminine that makes us whole. Make love inside your personal universe and explore the boundaries of your world first, then you will know that the sex was powerful because YOU showed up. Not because someone else MADE you feel pleasure.

Ignorance to the true nature of the act of sex is very prevalent in our society. Deep repressions and adolescent perceptions around the act of sex is widespread. Kink, tricks and treats cannot fill the empty spaces inside that such an environment creates. Learning to balance and then collect and store energy or chi via our sexual experience is primary to our quality of life. This is how we create worlds and can manifest onto the material plane our dreams and desires. There is a boundless source of power available to us generated from the passions and pleasures that we experience in lovemaking. Learn the gnosis of your sexuality, seek the knowledge of this powerful life creating act and use it to your greatest benefit. Seek this path; your spiritual transformation depends on it.

About the author

Astarte’ Rising

Astarte' Rising is a student, modern day goddess, initiator, catalyst, singer and songwriter, queen, witch, dakini, high priestess, tantrika, seeker, mother, and little girl. Her mission is to share through music, art, spirituality and tantric teachings the divinity of us all, and that through the awakening of this knowledge within each of us, we can collectively heal humanity and transform the world.

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