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Queen of the Heart

By Ma Prem Jothi Samadhi

'Queen Mother of the West' by Liang Yuanjiang By Liang Yuanjiang (梁源姜) (Liang Yuanjiang) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Dedicated to my beloved mentor, enlightened Master Dhyan Vimal

There was a time in the present, and in many past lifetimes, that I have worn physical shields and armor, and also the ones made of energetic fields and emotions. I have wielded mighty swords and fought for justice, love, God and kingdom. I was given birth to be a warrior and as warrior I learned how to battle; I danced the mystical dance of life and death.

I watched fear lose its power under the mighty flood of truth, love and devotion; in this space, I experienced the perfect alchemy that occurs where the very body mutates into grandness, vigor and the intoxication for the taste of victory, for the taste of justice and bringing balance so peace can dwell once again.


I knew the destiny of the warrior all too well from the many battles where the earth witnessed my last breath or saw me rise as the victor. A warrior walks alone, and has made a definite choice to see life more vibrantly, for, by the very nature, death is constantly caressing you, like a possessive lover waiting for her time to take you in her dwelling.

I moved like a pendulum from being so alive, seeing and tasting it all, for it may be the last time, to being in a place where I called death to sleep with me, with no desire to breathe anymore; and the residue of that nature spills into each lifetime. Oh yes, I have clear memories of battles and war zones of a physical nature and battles and war zones in the spiritual realm from many lives where death is present, watching the great plays put on by mortals and, little by little, entering them when they lose the value of living.

It came to pass that, in this life, I finally claimed my crown. In the most sublime act of love, enlightenment placed the crown upon my head, looked at me with the endless eyes of love and uttered my true name: Jothi Samadhi.


I had come to meet it on a cold winter’s day, close to death from one of the most furious battles I have ever fought. I sat by his side the moment I saw it: this time, it met me in the form of an Indian man who many were calling Master.

I came to him stripped of everything, nothing left except for the capacity to love, the only thing that could not be destroyed in me, no matter how I was injured, enslaved, poisoned, betrayed and tortured; and this capacity to love, to care and to give all of me kept me alive.

Now a queen, I asked myself, how does a queen battle? I had to learn a new way of being; for I only knew the warrior’s way, to stand against the enemy and its armies, to live or die.

It did not take long for war to knock at my door again, for we call in what we prepare for, believe to be or have not finished yet. I wanted to suit up in steel, and train ferociously for this war; for it was the enemy who had left me for dead, and I wanted to face it upfront, fight until only one of us stood and end it once and for all.

I started entering the alchemy of the warrior. My breathing began to change, and my eyes began to move in the manner needed for war. But when I was ready to begin to harden, I was not able; I tried in many ways but failed each time.

'Alexandra of Denmark, Princess of Wales

Finally, I had to take a close looked at myself, and to my amazement, I saw now a gentle being, dressed in golden silk robes, adorned with flowers, covered in jewels. And I had no choice but to laugh and laugh and laugh when I saw an army beyond what the eyes can see and conceive; they were fighting for me, protecting the queen who serves them.

The warrior was gone and the queen had been born: soft, gentle, holding the power of the feminine, the force and the magic of the Earth. She holds all in love and nurtures life to grow but destroys without judgment that which no longer holds balance.

I felt the grandeur of the Earth pulse through my veins, all that is wild come alive in me and all that is beautiful bloom in me. I felt the winds play at my feet, ready to move at my command. The waters of all oceans, rivers, lakes, creeks, lagoons and waterfalls sang to me, pledging their alliance; they sang in unison, entire symphonies of ancient love songs that only gods know.

Powerful and seductive fire touched me without burning, moved around me and entered me though my feet. It made its way up to my crown, purifying each and every cell in my body; when it was done, it bowed and also pledged its alliance. Many other beings and elements from all directions and even faraway stars came to pledge their alliance and their armies to me.

Father Sun came and so very gently poured his golden light upon me and on my crown and whispered in my ear, “Go, Beloved, and make your light shine and let love be right.”

I began to see that each woman that walks the planet is this very queen, who the royal Earth claims as her daughter and the heavens as a Goddess; it is only when she can see and step into her regal nature and beyond that the magic begins.

woman facing the world

The heavens and all upon and below the Earth will bow to her, for she is one with the Earth and holds the magic that the Sun, the stars and all the heavenly beings treasure as the very source of life. Her womb is the universe itself, fertile to love, nurture and balance life when she moves into being her true nature of the regal and divine sacred feminine.

Today, I learned how a queen battles: she loves, upholds the highest and most sacred in all and bows to it anywhere she sees it, bringing abundance to the land and allowing always God to create through her so the divine light she holds shines upon all. Today, a queen of the sacred work has stood up, ready to hold, love and nurture life, and the universe’s command is to protect and guard such rare light.

About the author

Ma Prem Jothi Samadhi

Ma Prem Jothi Samadhi was born in El Salvador to an Earth spiritual family, and moved to the United States at the age of 12. She has traveled a great deal of the planet, and has stood still to hear the hearts of others. She is the founder and president of Sacred Doors, a modern ashram, wellness and education center. She is a mother of three young men; she is a daughter, a sister and a disciple of enlightenment in whatever form it takes.

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