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White Holes: The Other Side of Black Holes

sun, our star

I was watching the documentary Master of the Universe, by Stephen Hawking, and I remembered my own ideas of who we are and where we come from. Although my ideas have some basis in currently accepted scientific theories, they are still mostly imagination, and I can’t provide any mathematical or physical proof for them. Enjoy the imagination, and build upon it if you wish to... read more

Farming Livestock Sustainably: Heritage Hills and Humane Living

Serenity at Heritage Hills

Animals emit fear, stress and pain when they are being killed or waiting to be slaughtered. These hormones lead to a number of serious diseases when humans consume this meat. More in-depth investigations of the problem show that industrial (or factory) farms often make animals live in unhygienic and inhumane conditions with no access to pasture, transparent air or daylight... read more

Solo in India

Rajasthani boy

Last year I took a two-month solo trip to India. There were many reasons for taking this journey, but the most important one of all was the one dictated by my higher self. I heard a very loud whisper in my heart that told me it was time for me to go…

In the last years before my trip, I had experienced a sort of existential despair that I think was based on the following: Our ability to dream is constantly challenged by society’s viewpoint... read more

The Awakening of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine


Regardless of whether our physical bodies are male or female, we all have both divine feminine and divine masculine energies swirling around inside of us-- yin and yang, shiva and shakti. Divine masculine energy manifests itself as your giving, doing, logic, concrete knowledge, individuality, ambition, exploration, domination and duality. The sacred feminine, on the other hand... read more

Dance of the Autumn Women

fire dance

Fireflies begin their dance in the wildflowers, grasshoppers sway on the bracken; the sun sets as we light the fire for our dance, our time. Tonight is our night. Guests appear in the thicket one by one as if by magic, as if we have all heard the same voice calling us to this place, this time. You aren't sure how you knew to come, or how you found the path; you almost didn’t come, but now you are here... read more

Humorscope - April 2014



Happy April! Spring is your season, and lately, you have been as happy as a schoolgirl on Saturday. You could even say, as some sage before you did, that “life is a like bowl of cherries.” You cannot, however, sneak into the fridge in the wee hours of the night and pick all the cherries out of the fruit cocktail meant for everyone. Not cool, Capricorn. Not cool. more

Babu's Jokes - 5


Babu: What flavor toothpaste comes out of the dryer?
Mommy: I don’t know. What?
Babu: Fresh lint!

Babu: What did the shower win at the Olympics?
Mommy: I don’t know. What?
Babu: The mold medal! more jokes

In Grandma's Eyes

mountain stream and sun

“And there’s Brook, coming out of the bathroom.” My grandmother said these words with so much love, such complete joy—as if she were witness to a gift, a miracle, some awe-inspiring stellar phenomena or a comet that comes only once in a lifetime. She beamed at me, following me with her eyes as I awkwardly tried to close the enormous bathroom door behind me and made my way back to my place at the foot of the hospital... read more

The Ultimate Meditation: Dance Until Only the Dancing Remains


My journey started long before I was even aware of it. When I was about sixteen, I started dancing alone on the roof at night. In the Indian desert, nighttime is a great relief from the heat, so cool and free. All the homes in the neighborhood are built of stone, and all connected, sharing the side walls, so from one rooftop you can see most of the other rooftops, separated only by low stone walls. When I started more

Fix Your Own Computer for Your Wallet and Your World

computer power button

In most of the world, the most extravagant and magnificent cultural festivals and holidays come near the end of the year. They bring joy, togetherness and a communal feeling of love and warmth; in the Northern hemisphere, these celebrations serve to lift our spirits just as the cold winter weather sets in. The excitement and anticipation of the holidays, in the days... read more