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Green Finance

Sex is not About Kink, Tricks or Treats

Radha and Krishna

Sometimes my heart is filled with love so deeply and erotically that it can be overwhelming. There is just so much to have, to be and see in this world. Don't miss it, love. Don't miss the opportunity to be your most mythic self in the most epic of ways. This life is yours; make love to it. Turn in up, out, ride it till it is satiated with your passion. Until it surrenders all it has to offer. Squeeze it of its sweet... read more

Simple Spells for Summer

Courtenay self potrait

My journey of a thousand miles actually began by sitting down.

I don’t remember a time before frantic. I am a blur between school and work, meals, miles and dishes. How many jobs, managers, phone calls? It would be so much easier if they could just plug me in to the matrix and be done with it. The mental effort required to adapt is exhausting. I have made smiling at strangers a habit, a warmer version of a nervous tick... read more

April 2016: Poetry Edition


(Dec 22- Jan 20)

Happy National Poetry Month! Things have been building up, and this month you will witness a very emotional toothpaste commercial that will push you right over the edge. In a flash, you will be able to see clearly that humanity can and must be saved, and that your destiny is to open their hearts and minds with the most powerful drug known to man: poetry (of course) more

Time and Time Again
by H. Beam Piper

spitfire silhouette

First published in Astounding Science Fiction in April 1947, this Cold War era tale opens with Captain Allan Hartley realizing that he is dying. He’s suffered through an atomic bomb blast, though thanks to the narcotic injects from the medics, he’s in little pain. He hears one of the corpsmen exclaim, recognizing him as an author of several books... read more

~Exclusive~ Betmaar:
Women's Man-Beating Festival

Betmaar festival, young girls

JODHPUR, INDIA-- Dreams of exotic adventure-- turbaned maharajas, desert princesses and camel safaris-- have made Rajasthan the most touristed state in all of India. While reality is never quite like the storybooks, the twists and turns of a real-life tour of Rajasthan are sure to make a much deeper impression than any fantasy can do.

Located in the Thar... read more

Darkness, Light and the Primal Mother in the Modern World


Was I so desperate to be loved? Was I so starved for the bonds of family that I would seek out captivity, and make myself a slave?

20 years ago, I quit my job as a phone psychic to go to America and marry a man I had met while travelling. My boss, the witch Kerry Kulkins, called me to say farewell. And, as witches are want to do, she said out of the blue, “It’s about time... read more

Mulla Nasruddin - 5

Früchtestilleben mit Sektkelch by Johann Wilhelm Preyer

Mulla Nasruddin lived far beyond his means, and his creditors were constantly hounding him. It had been going on for years, and after a while, the Mulla became so accustomed to it that it didn’t bother him anymore. He even began to enjoy the whole affair, and treated them with the highest grace and respect. One fine summer evening, a bill collector pounded on the door. “This is Mr. Smith again, Mulla!” he yelled ... read full story

When We Argue About Unraveling Glass

melting glaciers

You want panic? Let me show you/ the Maypole dance constructed/ underwater, where the tardigrades/ have resorted to glass instead/ of shotgun flames, the kind you love/ in old movies, in the older country./These outstretched songs are fierce,/ but not enough for you, singer, rock/ collector too good for lava stone, too/ whole for my cracked humming.

... read more

Mapping the Multiverse: How Far to the Next Universe?

Flame Nebula

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe” (Lao Tzu). Trust in the universe. This is the best pasta in the universe! People mean different things when they say “universe.” What does “universe” really mean?

One common understanding is that the universe means the totality of existence—everything that stretches out from our own small eyes... read more

Black Friday Shopping Guide for Rebels: Cheap and Free Special 2015

Black Friday shopping

Do you have the heart of a revolutionary and the sharp eye of a bargain-hunter? Do you have a Che Guevara t-shirt, but feel like a sell-out wearing it to the mall? Is it possible to score big on Black Friday without becoming a materialistic pig and betraying your vision of peace, love and understanding for the world?

Yes, friend. If you want more