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Green Finance

~Exclusive~ Betmaar:
Women's Man-Beating Festival

Betmaar festival, young girls

JODHPUR, INDIA-- Dreams of exotic adventure-- turbaned maharajas, desert princesses and camel safaris-- have made Rajasthan the most touristed state in all of India. While reality is never quite like the storybooks, the twists and turns of a real-life tour of Rajasthan are sure to make a much deeper impression than any fantasy can do.

Located in the Thar... read more

Black Friday Shopping Guide for Rebels: Cheap and Free Special 2015

Black Friday shopping

Do you have the heart of a revolutionary and the sharp eye of a bargain-hunter? Do you have a Che Guevara t-shirt, but feel like a sell-out wearing it to the mall? Is it possible to score big on Black Friday without becoming a materialistic pig and betraying your vision of peace, love and understanding for the world?

Yes, friend. If you want more

November 2015:
Conspiracy Theory Edition

hamster bait

(Dec 22- Jan 20)

The CIA is not, I repeat, NOT abducting hamsters to be used as delicious bait for intergalactic metrosexual alien stockbrokers and replacing them with cyborg clones who are recording the dreams of your children for future use in a transdimentional coup. So, you can relax. more

The Intelligent Revolutionary:
Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow by Faiza Guene

Eiffel Tower

Literature, by definition, has some wisdom, some meaning beneath the surface; we call it literature and put in on a different shelf because it contains a secret, a way to live as a better or happier human being. One example of such literature is Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow, by Faiza Guene

Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow, translated from the original French... read more

Farming Livestock Sustainably: Heritage Hills and Humane Living

Serenity at Heritage Hills

Animals emit fear, stress and pain when they are being killed or waiting to be slaughtered. These hormones lead to a number of serious diseases when humans consume this meat. More in-depth investigations of the problem show that industrial (or factory) farms often make animals live in unhygienic and inhumane conditions with no access to pasture, transparent air or daylight... read more

Darkness, Light and the Primal Mother in the Modern World


Was I so desperate to be loved? Was I so starved for the bonds of family that I would seek out captivity, and make myself a slave?

20 years ago, I quit my job as a phone psychic to go to America and marry a man I had met while travelling. My boss, the witch Kerry Kulkins, called me to say farewell. And, as witches are want to do, she said out of the blue, “It’s about time... read more

Mulla Nasruddin - 5

Früchtestilleben mit Sektkelch by Johann Wilhelm Preyer

Mulla Nasruddin lived far beyond his means, and his creditors were constantly hounding him. It had been going on for years, and after a while, the Mulla became so accustomed to it that it didn’t bother him anymore. He even began to enjoy the whole affair, and treated them with the highest grace and respect. One fine summer evening, a bill collector pounded on the door. “This is Mr. Smith again, Mulla!” he yelled full story

Love Is Not Love

art of love

It has been dangerously claimed that “Love is not love, which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove. O no; it is an ever-fixed mark … Love … bears it out, even to the edge of doom.” i

But we don’t have to go back to Shakespeare and the 17th Century to find this message. I walk through the mall and see T-shirts emblazoned with “I will not give up. End of story.” Would we be so inclined to stay in toxic... read more

Mapping the Multiverse: How Far to the Next Universe?

Flame Nebula

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe” (Lao Tzu). Trust in the universe. This is the best pasta in the universe! People mean different things when they say “universe.” What does “universe” really mean?

One common understanding is that the universe means the totality of existence—everything that stretches out from our own small more

Longing and Desire: Meditation and the Truth of the Heart


But how do we know? How can we tell whether that still, small voice is coming from the mind or the heart? If our search is for a life like this, filled with love and bliss and freedom, we must learn to judge our own desires and determine their origin—the heart or the mind—and our own motivation. When we want something, is it because it will satisfy our ego, or because it will satisfy our soul?

There is no place more