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Green Finance

Black Friday Shopping Guide for Rebels: Cheap and Free Special 2014

Black Friday shopping

Do you have the heart of a revolutionary and the sharp eye of a bargain-hunter? Do you have a Che Guevara t-shirt, but feel like a sell-out wearing it to the mall? Is it possible to score big on Black Friday without becoming a materialistic pig and betraying your vision of peace, love and understanding for the world?
Check out free and cheap stuff ... read more

Darkness, Light and the Primal Mother in the Modern World


Was I so desperate to be loved? Was I so starved for the bonds of family that I would seek out captivity, and make myself a slave?

20 years ago, I quit my job as a phone psychic to go to America and marry a man I had met while travelling. My boss, the witch Kerry Kulkins, called me to say farewell. And, as witches are want to do, she said out of the blue, “It’s about time... read more

Dancing with my Shadow: Self-Love, Freedom and Forgiveness


Until now, I had no idea that my shadow was such a great dancer....or teacher.

I am free. I did what I thought I was not capable of in previous chapters of my life. I have forgiven. I sit here in my newest chapter in gratitude. I do this every morning and throughout the day. Today, I have just realized, is the two-year anniversary of surviving a near-death accident. But that is... read more

Farming Livestock Sustainably: Heritage Hills and Humane Living

Serenity at Heritage Hills

Animals emit fear, stress and pain when they are being killed or waiting to be slaughtered. These hormones lead to a number of serious diseases when humans consume this meat. More in-depth investigations of the problem show that industrial (or factory) farms often make animals live in unhygienic and inhumane conditions with no access to pasture, transparent air or daylight... read more

Solo in India

Rajasthani boy

Last year I took a two-month solo trip to India. There were many reasons for taking this journey, but the most important one of all was the one dictated by my higher self. I heard a very loud whisper in my heart that told me it was time for me to go…

In the last years before my trip, I had experienced a sort of existential despair that I think was based on the following: Our ability to dream is constantly challenged by society’s viewpoint... read more

Humorscope - December 2014


(Dec 22- Jan 20)

This month, in the depths of confusion or despair, or simply out of curiosity, you ask for a “sign” from above. Your request will be granted immediately, but keep in mind that the interpretation of the sign is the most important step. After making your request, you look out your bedroom window, and an adorable little brown dog you have never seen before runs into your yard. He’s wearing an adorable... read more

Mulla Nasruddin - 4

flood and roof

Quite suddenly one morning, a flash flood swept through Mulla Nasruddin’s village. He barely managed to scramble to the roof of his house—and then it began to rain. “I am not afraid!” Mulla yelled up at the storm. “If I have faith, God will save me!”

The water continued to rise. Presently, a wooden raft floated by with two children on it. “Climb on, Mulla!” they called. full story

Flowers and Seeds: Memoirs of a Hippie Girl In India by Ann BeCoy

Hippies in India

It is a rare person who can review their life without resorting to spin; after all, who among us truly wants to portray ourselves publicly, warts and all? Ann BeCoy, in writing about her year in India in 1972, has achieved this feat and taken the reader inside the mind of a naïve 19-year old from Toronto who accidentally finds herself on a continent about which she knows absolutely nothing... read more

Mapping the Multiverse: How Far to the Next Universe?

Flame Nebula

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe” (Lao Tzu). Trust in the universe. This is the best pasta in the universe! People mean different things when they say “universe.” What does “universe” really mean?

One common understanding is that the universe means the totality of existence—everything that stretches out from our own small more

Longing and Desire: Meditation and the Truth of the Heart


But how do we know? How can we tell whether that still, small voice is coming from the mind or the heart? If our search is for a life like this, filled with love and bliss and freedom, we must learn to judge our own desires and determine their origin—the heart or the mind—and our own motivation. When we want something, is it because it will satisfy our ego, or because it will satisfy our soul?

There is no place more