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laughing donkey

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that jokes and laughter are a waste of time. Laughter is the universal language of joy: when we laugh together, the boundaries drop between us, and we feel each other’s humanity. Laughter has been proven to lower blood pressure and relieve stress and even pain. Aside from increasing the quantity of life, laughter increases the quality of life. Time stops, and, if only for a moment, we float above this serious, serious world. In joy, celebration and lightheartedness, we feel alive; time spent laughing well is time spent living well.

Laughter is also perhaps the most natural and readily available form of meditation known to humankind—when we laugh, the mind stops automatically; even when the laugh is over, especially if it’s a good one and if you are watchful, you can feel an emptiness, a gap before the wheels of the mind start grinding again. After a good belly laugh, we return to our little lives and problems refreshed, with a different perspective on our own seriousness. It’s just life, after all—why take it so seriously?